Do you remember those 3D posters that were all the rage in the early ’90s? They were the ones that looked like a jumble of random geometric shapes and colors until you stared at them just right, and suddenly, a hidden image popped into view. These were called Magic Eye Pictures, and they had the power to captivate, frustrate, and amaze people.

I recall going to the mall and seeing folks huddled around these posters. Some were in awe, some were baffled, some excitedly revealed the hidden 3D image to others, and some simply remained indifferent. It was a fascinating social experiment, watching how different people approached the same puzzle.
For some, it was all about trying to see the literal colors and shapes, which often led to frustration when they couldn’t perceive the 3D image. They might have even questioned if others were making it all up. However, for those who mastered the art of these posters, they understood that relaxation and seeing the picture as a whole, were the keys to clarity.

It’s incredible that crossing one’s eyes to blur the image ultimately leads to crystal clear vision. Surrendering focused-concentration opens up a world of depth and wonder, the opposite of what your instincts might suggest.

In many ways, my spiritual journey parallels the experience of deciphering those Magic Eye Pictures. For nearly 40 years of my life, I couldn’t grasp how people believed in an invisible, non-tangible “God.” It felt like standing in front of those posters, wanting to see the hidden image but unable to.

What I’ve come to realize is that dismissing something you don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s not there; you just haven’t comprehended it yet. In my case, seeing God was akin to unlocking the 3D image within the chaos of colors and shapes. My mind tried to apply human-world rules, but there’s a whole spiritual realm that operates differently.

Just as the hidden 3D image in those posters still existed even when I couldn’t see it, I came to understand that God’s presence was real, even if I couldn’t see or touch it. The journey to spiritual clarity was a bit like those posters, sometimes taking a moment to come into focus.

I often think about how rigid our human minds can be in processing the unfamiliar. We tend to dismiss what doesn’t align with our current understanding. But just as with those Magic Eye Pictures, once you see God, you can’t unsee Him.

This one is a sitting cat that has just knocked over a vase. If you blur your vision slightly and look at the back of the picture, the image will pop out. Can you see it?

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