We serve people who are going through a spiritual awakening, reawakening or are searching for their spiritual roots. We teach practical ways to diffuse the static of your life so you will be able to experience the Divine's best reception.

What is Life Coaching and how is it different from therapy?

Therapy takes an individual from dysfunctional to functional. Coaching takes you from functional to thriving!

Coaching is about meeting you where you are and devising a plan to build a healthy outlook for your present day and into your future. The experiences from your past are an important indicator of where your life is headed. This will allow us to see patterns and make improvements that will benefit your current and future life.

Coaches guide and mentor. Coaches do not solve your struggles. This is a gift you give yourself. With guidance and empowerment, this coaching process will empower you to solve your own struggles and give you the tools to be able to handle future adversities.

Coaching 1:1

Here are some questions to ask yourself…

Have I seen this struggle before?

Does it keep repeating itself?

Do I feel my emotions are out of control?

Do I feel a consistent sense of chaos?

If you said yes to any of these questions, coaching can be a great way to constructively navigate through these hurdles.

Our focus in one on one coaching is to teach you how to implement tools and strategies into your life so you will be able to create consistent JOYfulness and spiritual nourishment even when life hands you difficulties.

Divine Shoulder Taps

I believe that we are all guided beings and have access to supernatural abilities. Call it God, call it the universe, call it intuition, call it a sixth sense, call if whatever you’d like – all of us have experienced that little voice, a gut instinct, a six sense, an intuitive feeling.

This channel is designed to share YOUR divine shoulder taps, how it was experienced, the action taken and what was the result that came by listening?

My hope is that this channel will inspire YOU To hear these divinely guided messages, to become more aware that we are receiving them, and then to act upon them so we can improve and evolve our humanity.

Do you have a Divine Shoulder Tap story and would like to be featured on the show, click the link below!


Andrea Sandoval

Life Coach, Divine Shoulder Taps Host

I serve people who know there is more to life, but are struggling to find their way to a more joyous and spiritual life.

My spiritual journey, to this point, has come very organically. I did not have a spiritual or religious upbringing. I had a very beautiful upbringing but the spirituality part was left up to me.

I was an agnostic for 36 years of my life, and then God was able to grab my attention in a way that was undeniable. This has blessed and changed my life forever.

While going through my own spiritual awaking, Life Coaching became a calling on my heart. It is a calling like none other. I am passionate about teaching functional ways to lighten ones life and shift perspectives to better align with the life you were created to live.


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